Its been an absolutely wild and crazy night rescuing 2 drowning Salt River wild horses from the canal! Even while they are good swimmers, they were drowning from exhaustion in 11 ft deep water. We have now transported both shaking horses to our nearby property to recuperate after their horrible ordeal. They have many cuts and scrapes and the younger one hurt her front fetlock, but they are alive! The Firefighters from station 206 were amazing! They handpulled them up the 15 ft high cement edges of the canal. After identifying these two as Salt River wild horses that came from Granite Reef rec site, we found out in our database that this mare is not really her mom, but her band sister. What a great sister she was, she did not leave the babies side and tried to shield her from the current. The reunion of the two after transportation was amazing. They will have comfort in eachother while they calm down and recuperate. We want to thank SRP and MCSO for alerting us, our vet from AZEquine for coming out in the middle of the night, and station 206 for giving it their all and pulling them out! Thank you!

Salt River Wild Horse and her Baby Saved from Canal Near Mesa