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Salt River Wild Horse Lawsuit Update

Salt River Wild Horse Lawsuit Update

August 1

For the case against the Salt River wild horses, we have hired a NEPA expert; attorney Randall M. Weiner and the court has accepted our attorney’s appearance in the case already.

Yesterday July 31st, the attorneys for the Tonto National Forest filed a motion to dismiss the case, based on the fact that neither the Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) nor the Management Plan (MP) are major federal actions that would trigger NEPA obligations for the Forest Service. In fact the management plan is not signed by the Forest Service and the IGA only addresses money matters in regards to the hiring of the Salt River horse Liaison, etc.

We fully support this motion to dismiss and we will file our motion to intervene in the next few days with additional information for the judge. These proceedings are going to take a while and we will keep you updated as things happen.

We want to thank you, our supporters, for donating to our Salt River wild horse Legal Fund, to make it possible to keep paying our high attorney bills. ( FYI There are no pro bono attorneys who are good enough and who will take our case) We hope that we can count in your support this is our gofundme:

We continue to be baffled by how the Center for Biological Diversity, whom are funded by animal lovers, advocate for the removal and even slaughter of this beloved and cherished herd. The herd is already humanely managed and the numbers are in decline.

We strongly believe that they are using and abusing the endangered species act and that their concerns for the environment are just a front.

Were they truly concerned with the number of horses, they would not want to end our fertility control program. Were they truly concerned about the the environment, they could come help us clean up trash every day. Were they truly concerned about bio Diversity they would not collude with sportshunters who are after the Salt River bighorn sheep, deer and foxes. Were they truly concerned about the yellow billed cuckoo and quail, they would not support the quail and duck hunting season which scares the daylights out of every living bird and kayaker alike.
This lawsuit against the Salt River wild horses was filed by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), the Maricopa Audubon Society, Arizona Wildlife Federation, Arizona Deer Association, Arizona Bighorn Sheep Society and Arizona Sportsman for conservation.