Today, is a memorable day for us PLUS it is Diamond’s 8th Birthday!!

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Today, is a memorable day for us PLUS it is Diamond’s 8th Birthday!!

Today, is a memorable day for us PLUS it is Diamond’s 8th Birthday!!

July 31



On July 31st, 2015, a wild horse was born on the same day of the fatefull 📄impound notice for the removal of the Salt River wild horses.
Diamond stole people’s 💕hearts, and at just a few days old, he looked in the 📷 cameras of the news reporters, whinnied, and ended up on every 📺 top of the hour story about the pending removal of our beloved Salt River herd.

Diamond and and all of the 🐴Salt River herd were saved by the unprecedented public outcry that followed. It is hard to believe that all happened 8 years ago!

Sadly, just one year later, Diamond needed saving himself. He ripped off his hoof, by getting stuck in a cattle guard, and it was not something that could heal in the wild.

We vividly remember the 2 day long very difficult rescue, which took all of our manpower. When Diamond finally got to the hospital, we were told he should be euthanized. (The full story of the rescue is on SRWHMG wild rescues)

We refused to euthanize him, because we have a ton of faith in the miracle healing powers of wild horses. Diamond’s bone was cleaned up under anesthesia and he received a cast around the stump. Simone and our Prescott team cared for him around the clock, so he wouldn’t get bored and depressed in his stall.

Many experts tried to convince us that his hoof would never grow back. After the first cast change at 3 weeks, the prognosis did not look good; there was no visible hoof growth or healing and it looked grody. After the next cast change, at 6 weeks, yellow looking matter started growing from the bottom of his sole and Diamond was starting to put some weight on the stump. On the third cast change at 9 weeks, it became clear that the yellow matter was actually new hoof growth. It was growing from the bottom up, NOT from the coronet band down.

He was then put in a boot with thick foam pads in the bottom, which did require a change and clean every day. It was very important that it did not get contaminated. At 10 weeks he finally went off antibiotics and pain meds.

At 4 months the hoofmatter reached the coronet band and closed completely. It then took another year to grow into a complete hoof. Today, Diamond has 4 normal hooves!

Because he still only has half a coffin bone, that will never grow back, he gets rollover aluminum shoes to help keep him comfortable.

💎Diamond turns 8 years old today, July 31st, and he is still the horse that stole so many ❤️❤️❤️hearts, and he continues to melt them.

Long live Diamond and all of the Salt River herd!! And long live the public who gave them their voice. We love you and are forever grateful. SRWHMG.

Because Diamonds hoofcare is a continuous and expensive part of his forever care, you can sponsor Diamond, for just 10 dollars a month on our website! SPONSOR DIAMOND