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July 2nd

Thousands and thousands of acres of undeveloped public lands as far as the eye can see… thousands and thousands of people who deeply care about this special herd…and yet, a very petty Utah BLM, (Bureau of Land Management), adamant on their upcoming removal.

While we cannot be at today’s rally in Utah, we stand in solidarity with everyone who is spending their time and effort standing up for the beloved Onaqui wild horses, at the State Capitol.

Our involvement in this issue is on a more advisory level; we ask for the BLM to work towards a more efficient PZP program, which would justify removing fewer horses, or no horses, from their home.

The small Onaqui herd size is very similar to our herd size,…through our PZP program, we have only had one foal this year. We do not see the urgency for the BLM to traumatize the Onaqui wild horses and traumatize the public who loves them.

Reversible humane birth control is more sustainable, more humane and more affordable than the cruel and endless cycle of removals. #savetheonaqui

Sincerely, SRWHMG.

Photo by Simone Netherlands, copyright SRWHMG.