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Shadowfax Update 1/15/2022

Shadowfax Update 1/15/2022

January 15th

He made it through his medical procedure just fine and is doing great! For those of you interested, we made a video. Please let us know if you want us to continue to make these videos. (Don’t watch if you do not like to see a horse anesthetized.)

Shadowfax’s treatment consisted of:

  • A full examination including blood tests. (Results are not in yet)
  • floating of sharp molars and wolf teeth and incisors. (None had to be pulled)
  • eye medication
  • ear examination
  • cleaning of his sheath
  • examination of melanomas.
  • adding swat on a few scrapes.
  • washing legs with shampoo against itchy skin.
  • picking his hoofs
  • administering dewormer.

He should now have a much easier time eating his feed and supplements. His teeth were not that bad for an old horse and none needed to be pulled. However his bottom front teeth are completely worn down from old age which is estimated to be 25.

With some good senior feed Shadowfax can now still live a few more good years and we are going to make that as fun and relaxing for him as possible, and when the time comes for him, we will make that peaceful too. We care about this sweet soul so much, like we know so many of you do as well.

Let us be clear that he would not have survived much longer in the wild and that his death would not have been peaceful with organs slowly failing from starvation.

This old majestic stallion deserved better.

Thank you for supporting us and please support Shadowfax here.

Thank you. SRWHMG.