Watch sweet Diamond get his hoof care! 💕

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Watch sweet Diamond get his hoof care! 💕

Watch sweet Diamond get his hoof care! 💕

January 19th

Watch the video here!

Because Diamond has only half a coffin bone, his hoof care is a big deal. As most of you know he lost his entire hoof getting stuck in a cattleguard at Butcher Jones, after which we rescued him.

Veteranarians said it was best to euthanize him at the time, but under Simone’s 35 years of horse expertise, we are a pretty determined bunch and we don’t easily give up on Salt River wild horses.

Diamond’s hoof was nothing but a bloody stump at the time, but we always kept hope. We managed his pain with medication and the infection with antibiotics every day. With months in a cast, then boots and more recently rubber shoes, he slowly grew back a fully functioning hoof. It wasn’t perfect for a long time, but with small adjustments every month, he is able to go barefoot, and lives a happy painfree life with his buddies Pacman, Rosco, Snow and Gideon in Prescott. He is another one of our success stories and we are grateful for this sweet boy every day.

Diamond unfortunately has lost several of his sponsors since Covid. Hoofcare for 16, (and now 18!) rescued Salt River horses is a big expense for the rescue. As a 501(c)3 non-profit we have to manage many of these monthly expenses and we rely entirely on your generosity to continue our work. We hope people don’t forget about Diamond, with any amount you can afford, you can become his monthly sponsor, or you can also donate one time. This keeps Diamond’s hoofs plus the others in great shape. Thank you so much to our supporters, who make our important work possible! 💕

You can click here to support Diamond.

With lots of love, SRWHMG