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Red Beauty Rescue

Red Beauty, once a shiny red roan, after several bouts of colic late last year, never fully recovered and is now in emaciated condition.

While we usually remain hopeful for recovery (since we see incredible healing take place in the wild), it was becoming clear that he was not going to survive this drought and that he was suffering. Red Beauty, reduced to only a shadow of his beautiful self, seemed to ask for help, and gave us the perfect opportunity to do so.

When we found him standing close to the road, we jumped into action. Mid morning Simone and just a few volunteers started the gentling process in the field, until approximately 40 SRWHMG volunteers gathered around 3.30 pm and we were ready to start the capture process. Our volunteers, having done this many times before, calmly started forming a human round pen around him at 4.00 pm. First very large, so he did not notice, then smaller and smaller until he realized he had nowhere to go. He searched for an opening and Simone called, “hold the line!”

Next we guided him calmly into the half round pen we had made out of the panels earlier. Once we had him on that side we quickly picked up the rest of the panels and built the round pen around him within 30 seconds and had him captured just before dusk. He was captured without any form of sedation in a non stressful way. Red Beauty is safe! He is currently acclimating and getting nutrition.

UPDATE: Red Beauty has gained a spectacular amount of weight and is very happy in his enclosure at the SRWHMG property. He recently found a friend in Old Lady who is right next to him recuperating.

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