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Spring’s Story

Spring’s Story

This little horse may look like just a brown horse to anybody, but this Salt River wild horse has a story. Her name is Spring, and she is alive today because of humane wild horse management.

She was less than 2 weeks old when she became separated and very far lost from her band. At that age she would have died within 24 hours without her mom. She was running around frantically trying to get away from bachelors and other bands who were all in commotion.

However, because we keep meticulous records, we knew she was not where she belonged, and we knew exactly who to return her to. The public was very supportive and watching on the sidelines, as our members worked together, caught the foal and carried the her back to her mother.

The reunion was heartwarming and this is the reunited mare and filly exactly one year later. The mother, who’s name is Winter, is NOT pregnant due to our humane PZP birth control program. The birth control is very important to keeping the Salt River wild horses free.
These two get to live happily ever after in the wild, due to humane wild horse management. Without it, the Salt River wild horses would quite literally be nowhere.

Please don’t forget about them during these difficult times. Our work needs to continue because the horses count on us.

On April 7th it is AZ gives day. Please invest in your local treasures. By donating, you become their guardian.

Please visit the Arizona Gives website at: https://www.azgives.org/SRWHMG to make a donation.
You can also donate directly through our website https://saltriverwildhorsemanagementgroup.org/donate/
Or Paypal address: SaltRiverHerd@respect4horses.com

Or send a check to:
4610 n. 68th str. #477,
Scottsdale AZ 86251