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Taken for “granted”?

Taken for “granted”?

November 23rd

Our non profit 501 (c) 3 organisation works hard to protect and humanely manage the Salt River wild horses so that all of the public can enjoy them for generations to come. The truth is the horses are still here, because of our campaigns, relationships and hard work, which we need to continue, as we cannot let the horses or the public down.

Your support is so important because this endeavor is not an easy feat and it is a huge expense. We have to continue to feed our rescues, continue to administer birth control, continue our road patrol program and habitat improvement program for their safety.

We do not receive any government or corporate grants, so we rely purely on the public. We also rely heavily on our volunteers who dedicate so much of their time and effort to the horses.

Will you support us this holiday season? There are many different ways to do that, but this is the very easiest one! It doesn’t cost you anything at all, because if you use this way of purchasing, it’s Amazon who donates 0.5% of all your purchases to us! That may not seem a lot, but it really adds up.

Just click this link to add the Salt River horses as your charity, when u buy from Amazon. Can you also help make this opportunity known to your friends and family?

Please don’t underestimate how important the difference is that you can make. Thank you so much, have a great Thanksgiving!!