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The feeling of gratitude🙏

The feeling of gratitude🙏

November 25th

Think of someone or something in your life and then imagine what your life would be like without them, and the feeling of gratitude will be with you all day.

We cannot imagine our lives without these treasured horses we all love. We cannot imagine the river without seeing the special family bands who continue to roam there so peacefully.

This is Bubbles’ beautiful all grey and roan family. They do not know how close they came to being stampeded by helicopters and removed from the only home they know. We know they are thankful for their freedom.

We cannot imagine our life without you, our proud supporters, and in fact we cannot continue our work without you.

We cannot imagine our lives without the daily work it takes, or without the partnership with the AZDA, or without the cooperation of the Forest Service, or without our loving volunteers.

Our lives are so rich, because the treasured Salt River wild horses are still roaming wild and free for all of the public to enjoy. In this day and age, we just cannot take that for granted. Are you thankful for the Salt River wild horses? Please let us know!

Thankful beyond words,
Happy Thanksgiving!
From all of us at the SRWHMG.

Graphics by Deb Mykitiak. Photo by Cathy Franklin. Written by Simone Netherlands.