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Thank you for the fast response MCDOT!

Thank you for the fast response MCDOT!

December 31st

These Salt River mountain goates (aka horses) are teaching us a lesson. The lesson is, just because they haven’t done it before, doesn’t mean they won’t do it in the future!

They are climbing steep mountains and are walking right past the end of the Forest Service fencing, something they have never done before. We thought we were all done with fencing, but no. So natural barriers for wild horses? Apparently there is no such thing.

After they pass this area, there is no fencing to stop them from getting on the road whatsoever. We’ve had entire bands on the road this week and we’ve also had to reunite one mare with her family band that was still on the correct side of the fence. All accidents were avoided so far and all horses are accounted for, but it has been a long and tiring week for our volunteers walking horses back to safety at all hours of the day and night.

The good news is that they are allowed to use this area because it is in their designated habitat, so as soon as we have fencing here, they can climb mountains to their heart’s desire.

The Forest Service said they will add this fencing along the road here to complete this last weak point, but it takes them a while to receive the funding for the project. So in the mean time, where you see these signs, please take it very seriously, horses can get right on the road here!!

If you see a horse on the actual road please call 911 because u could save a life. Then immediately after that call our hotline (480) 868 9301. Please do not chase or spook already stressed horses, this can cause very bad situations, just give us the location and our experienced road patrol volunteers will be right there, our response time is within 10 minutes.

We will stay vigilant in this area, so when you see our road patrol folks, please give them a shout out! Please help us give a big shout out to MCDOT for these caution signs.

We are wishing everyone a SAFE new year!!!