Thank you, Wild Horse Refuge!

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Thank you, Wild Horse Refuge!

Thank you, Wild Horse Refuge!

January 10th

🙏🐴Please, if we could all go to this page and thank “The wild horse refuge” in Keenesburg Colorado, for offering these unfortunate Alpine wild horses their forever happy ending!! YEAY. Plus we have reached our fundraising goal to be able to get them there!

This is the public giving them the justice they deserve, when the Forest Service didn’t. That’s what makes us so proud. Thank you to all of the previous rescues and sanctuaries also, who stepped up bigtime for the Alpine wild horses, and thank you a one thousand times to The wild horse refuge!!!

Gratefully, SRWHMG.


The Wild Horse Refuge

“Yes, it is true, we are the Refuge that is taking in the three bands of Alpine Horses. We are working with the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group to save these nearly two dozen horses that were blessed to have survived the horrific massacre that was perpetrated back in October of 2022. The Salt River Group is still trying to raise the funds needed for everything these horses need that will enable them to come to the 8,000-acre Refuge near Springfield, CO.”