FIRE in the Bulldog Canyon (close call!)

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FIRE in the Bulldog Canyon (close call!)

FIRE in the Bulldog Canyon (close call!)

June 27th @ 11PM

Holy smokes that was a close call, but it was expediently nipped in the bud by the Forest Service! It was an impressive show of air and water force. Click below for their update.

It is beyond frightening that it only takes one spark, one accident or just one nimwitted person out of thousands of good careful people, and entire wildernesses go up in smoke. We feel so sad for the beautiful 4peaks area and it’s wildlife.

If our vote matters at all, it is for total closure until the extreme fire danger has passed. We just think it’s better closed temporarily, than ruined forever. Thank you again for saving the forest, Forest Service.

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Earlier, June 27th @ 7PM

FIRE in the bulldogs. This started this afternoon in Salt River wild horse habitat, way too close to home! Most of the horses luckily are on the other side of Bush Hwy. Our volunteers are driving the fencelines keeping an eye on any possible horses. Please rest assured that any horses in that area can freely get to the river, there are no fences in the way. The Forest Service had an amazingly quick response and launched an aggressive air attack with 2 helicopters and a small slurry plane. They are optimistic they can get it out soon. This is called the #domefire. We are standing by. All we can do is cheer on the Forest Service (you can help do that under this post) and pray it does not get any closer to Bush hwy. We will keep you informed!

View our video of the fire on our Facebook page.

GOO Forest Service!