To feed or not to feed.

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To feed or not to feed.

To feed or not to feed.

July 15th


Since August 31st of last year, the Salt River herd has sustained itself without emergency feed, which has been great. We are hoping that this monsoon season will bring new forage again. However it can be many months before grasses come up and we are seeing bad rangeland conditions and declining health conditions, some bands more than others.
Even with hayprices insanely high, we will use the supplemental feed program to lessen the impact the herd has on the land, as well as prevent low body conditions.

The supplemental feed does not make their entire diet, but rather a good base of protein in combination with the natural roughage and eelgrasses they eat in nature.

With the horses less desperate for feed, the grasses will also have a better chance of surviving when they come up after the rains.

Our partnership with AZDA and USFS allows us to protect and nurture both the horses and their environment as well.

Pictures from our Advocates page by Chuck Donald.

Managing them humanely, SRWHMG.