Today we 🎉celebrate 🎉 Fynn’s 5th birthday!

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Today we 🎉celebrate 🎉 Fynn’s 5th birthday!

Today we 🎉celebrate 🎉 Fynn’s 5th birthday!

Fynn’s sire is Lancelot and dam Felicity, and he is stunning. With each year older he gets; he looks more and more like his dad.

Fynn is the only horse at our facility, who was not rescued because he was dying; he came as a package when we rescued his mom Felicity, from drowning in the canal. We do not breed Salt River wild horses. Fynn loves to help his caregivers when they are doing their chores. He will dump your full wheelbarrow, help with the hose when you are filling water troughs, and check your pockets to see if maybe you have an extra cookie or two, or just nudge you so you will stop and give him a few scratches. We just love him!

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