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Update from Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary

Update from Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary

Here is an update on Alpine wild horses Bear and Swan and Birdie for whom we raised the funds to be reunited and go to Nirvana sanctuary this Christmas. It’s so beautiful to see them get back what was taken from them. Thank you to all of our donors and thank you to Nirvana Sanctuary!

Nirvana Mustang Sanctuary

Volume up for this one 🥰🙏🏻 Bear and family got to join the big Alpine Herd this week.. oh my, what a tear jerking day 😭 He has gained so much weight since arriving, and so much life has returned to his eyes. But, as I watched him in the smaller pen with his family, staring out into the distance, my heart knew it was time for them to join the rest of the Alpines. This is the last stage in his healing, as his body continues to fill out and grow stronger, now he can RUN and PRANCE and protect his little family just like he is meant to do. He can return to his true purpose of greatness and majesty, never again to be bent to the will of a mere human who sees no use for him if he isn’t providing a service for them.

Little Birdie zoomed laps around, truly stretching out her now strong little legs! What a stunning and bold mare she is going to grow into- we look forward to witnessing every single step in her journey!

And Swan…. mama Swan. What joy she must feel to RUN again, reunited with Bear and her youngest baby Birdie 🙏🏻

Truly these miracles would not be possible without you all, so from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of these horses, THANK YOU ❤️