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Tribute to Shadowfax!

Tribute to Shadowfax!

January 3rd

Watch this amazing tribute to Shadowfax!

He has lived a full life and was an amazing father and confident but kind lead stallion. As Idyllic as their lives can be when they are healthy, and resources are plenty, just as sad is their decline when they get older. But dont be sad, he did not die, he just gets to live some pampered years now.

Wild horses have characters, they really do. Shadowfax’s character an kindness was literally noticed by everyone who ever encountered him. Just ask anyone who has.

We tried to keep him wild and free for as long as possible, but he was not far away from organ failure due to his emaciated state and there was no chance for him to recover, because once teeth start deteriorating it doesn’t get any better. Had we waited longer it may have been too late.

If there was ever a wild horse that created love and peace around him, it is him, and karma is now paying him back. He did not have to suffer a lonely death, but now has a chance to feel like himself again. If everything goes well, he could even meet some of his own rescued offspring later! (Diamond and Gem, we cannot wait!)

Our Advocates page is the best place to see thousands of pictures and video’s of the Salt River wild horses by people who are at the river all the time and love and respect them. Feel free to join. Thank you for this great tribute.

Compassion counts! #srwhmg