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Valentine’s Day Fundraiser!

Valentine’s Day Fundraiser!

February 8th

This is the sweetest fundraiser for Valentine’s Day! 💕 Trish will send you a heart made out of rose quartz! (Or Amethyst or Red Jasper other precious stone) Please consider donating to this fundraiser or making your own fundraiser to help the Salt River wild horses! Here’s why:

The Salt River wild horses are 100% managed by the public. (We are the public and so are you) As you know, we always said, if the government does not want to take care of these horses then we will. Now that that has come to fruition and we are taking care of them humanely, we do need to raise all the funds necessary, because it is not a small job! We do not charge the government anything for what we do, and that is why we ask everyone who loves the horses to chip in, so that together we can keep our promises to these horses.
For example, the humane treatment and euthanasia of Cayenne this week cost over $1000 (including her removal). We could have ofcourse let nature take it’s course, but that would have been very cruel. The recent rescue of Shadowfax and Batman presents a huge extra responsibility, but they would have died a slow death if we hadn’t.

For example just one bag of special senior food costs 24.95 per bag. Just one bale of hay for the diversionary feed costs $18. Just one role of barbless wire for the fencing team costs $65. Just one dose of PZP mix for the darting team costs $34 (including the dart) The list goes on and on, which is why we need to continuously raise the much needed resources for our important mission.

This is why YOU play an important role in keeping them wild and free. By donating or by making your own fundraiser this Valentine’s Day you become their guardian.

Trish made this fundraiser (click on it below), and we think it is very cool because she is creative and will send you a heart-token of appreciation when you donate.

These healing pocketstones are made out of rose quartz or amethyst or other precious stones! They come in baggies with a horse charm too, so cute! Just perfect for Valentine’s Day to give to your loved one. Thank you Trish and thank you donators!

With love ❤

Check the fundraiser here!