Wanted: A good home for a good piggy!

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Wanted: A good home for a good piggy!

Wanted: A good home for a good piggy!

July 26th

We are considering changing our name to 1-800-we-rescue-everything, lol.

This adorable piggy was rescued by AZDA and was in quarantine with us. Of course we fell in love with him, so we bought him, just so that he did not have to go to livestock auction. We want to find him a really perfect home. Can you help?? While our volunteers love him a lot, wild horses have to remain our priority.

Because he is such a good piggy, we are going to be picky with how we select his new home. We have learned from the piggy rescues, that it’s not easy to own a potbelly pig, and that a new forever owner would need to have some pig experience and know what he/she is getting into. There’s no need to tag the piggy rescues or fosters, because we have talked to them, they are all looking for forever homes too. We will foster him until we find the perfect home.

We named him Mack. Mack loves people and belly rubs and lots of attention. He is house-trained and walks on a leash and he talks to you a lot. He does not do well with the heat, so he would like air-conditioning, but also a well fenced yard where he can root around and make mud. He would also like a piggy friend, but not too many, because he likes to be the center of attention. He also gets along with dogs, but not so much with little kids.

Most importantly he wants a human that will be his person and can give him the attention he deserves (So if you work away from home all day, that would not be a good fit). IF you are interested, or know someone who is, please apply for adoption by sending us a private message. Please let us know your location, your situation, where he would be housed, if you are a current or former pig owner etc.

We also know of lots of other cute piggies in search of good homes, so please share this everywhere for good homes for good piggies!

Help us, so that we can stick to managing wild horses. Lol. Thank you. SRWHMG.