Warning: Helicopter Registered to Sabercat Productions

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Warning: Helicopter Registered to Sabercat Productions

Warning: Helicopter Registered to Sabercat Productions

Beware: This helicopter, registered to Sabercat Productions and flown by N5 helicopters in Scottsdale, appears to come to the lower Salt River often for the purpose of chasing and harassing Salt River wild horses, who are protected pursuant to A.R.S. 3-1491.

These pictures were taken this past Sunday, February 17th when this helicopter flew very low until horses were running from it, and then continued to pursue them. Three different bands were stampeded up this steep and rocky hill. One grey stallion, who we are monitoring, has an injury to his fetlock. He was also there and had a much worse limp after this stampede than before.

The third picture is from a different incident where the same helicopter was flying very low (right at the treeline) making horses with small foals run through the river, this was last year. At that time he was also flying through protected eagle territory. He has even buzzed our SRWHMG property, but we were not quick enough to get pictures of that.

We have filed a report with both the FAA as well as with MCSO and our Ag Liaison Jacquelyn is also on the case. We will also alert the better business bureau.

We want Sabercat Productions to know that this behavior is not acceptable, and that they are not only breaking FAA low flying rules but also the Salt River Horse Act ARS 3-1491.

We understand that it is pretty to film and photograph wild horses while they run, but it is extremely selfish and inconsiderate, as they can injure and break their legs running over rugged terrain.
Isn’t it much more gratifying to see wild horses peacefully grazing!!?

This is a promise to anyone visiting the lower Salt River, that we will document, report and expose anyone who harasses the Salt River wild horses, nomatter if it is from the air, from the water, from horseback, per vehicle or on foot.

Our reach is far and wide and we can also generate thousands of complaints if needed.

Advocates, please know that you can send us pictures of this helicopter or any aircrafts or persons if you have witnessed these or any other incidents of harrassment of the Salt River wild horses.

Our email is SaltRiverHerd@respect4horses.com

Our website: www.srwhmg.org

Thank you.
Pictures by SRWHMG photographer S. Goudge, C. Chittam,
and D. Madison.