A little Trash Talk.

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A little Trash Talk.

A little Trash Talk.

Our mission is to protect and humanely manage the Salt River wild horses. Improving the habitat they live in is an important and never ending part of that mission.
On a daily basis, our volunteers cleanup downed barbed wire, remove old stakes, pick up fishing line, remove nails from fire pits, collect bullets and lots and lots of trash.

We love when other caring organizations put together large cleanups and we always go to support and help with those cleanups. Thank you Natural Restorations for a successful cleanup of Coon Bluff!!

While we actually have a very good time working together and cleaning up, we wish that people would learn some respect for our public lands. We wish people would act as if it was their own backyard, because…it is!

Come to the Tonto National Forest to leave your worries and your troubles behind….but NOT YOUR TRASH!!

Thank you all so much to all who came to clean up what others left behind. Thank you. SRWHMG.