Wild Snake Viewing Guidelines

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Wild Snake Viewing Guidelines

Wild Snake Viewing Guidelines

For your safety and theirs, please keep a 50 ft distance at all times, even if they come your way!

(pun intended) Please do note, we have seen a LOT of rattlers out right now, be careful, they are harder to spot than wild horses, and they don’t politely get out of your way like wild horses.

However, please do not harm or kill them. They will usually let you know where they are and you’ll recognize the sound even if you’ve never heard it before. If you do encounter one, retreat very slowly out of striking distance, and then hightail it out of there!

Whatever you do, don’t make fast movements and don’t poke it with a stick. A rattlesnake can strike faster than the human eye can follow. When going for a hike, it is safest to stick to the trails and avoid high grass areas.

Rattlesnakes can swim, and climb trees.

They are very useful in nature by eating many rodents and gophers. After you are at a safe distance, they do look awesome on camera and their mating ritual is amazing!

Wander safely, tread lightly, pack in what you pack out and respect the wild. SRWHMG.


Pictures by SRWHMG; Sue Taylor, Robin O’Donnel and Rick Blandford.