With A Little Help From My Friends.

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With A Little Help From My Friends.

With A Little Help From My Friends.

April 27th


In partnership with the Arizona Department of Agriculture (AZDA) our organization takes special care of certain ailing horses in the herd, who without our help, would die a cruel death during this drought.
Most of you will remember Neiman, the old lead stallion we performed a special field operation on, this past February, to fix his mouth issues. He is still getting his special feed every day, to help him stay away from other horses and recuperate quietly.
While this ancient stallion may never look like a young stud again, he can at least chew his food, and continues to improve a little every day. (It doesnt happen overnight) Recently he felt strong enough and decided to take the walk back to the river, to where he used to hang out with his band.
We appreciate concerned people, but we unfortunately cannot disclose in real time where Neiman is, or any of the other horses we are monitoring, because right after we posted about Neimans operation on Facebook, there were people who then targeted this horse and interfered in our very carefully planned processes. (Sad but true)
During an active field recuperation, we do not want any other horses to eat or drink from the troughs meant for only the recuperating horse, yet these people filled our troughs against our express requests, and without permission from the AZDA. This caused other horses to infringe upon Neiman’s area, hindering our very carefully planned schedule. People should know and trust that the healthy horses can take care of themselves just fine and all of them know where the river is.
Sometimes nomatter the great lengths you go to, for some people, it is never enough.
However, we hope that most of you can appreciate our daily hard work and care for these horses and the pretty awesome results for this sweet old guy, who really deserved his second chance.
We are hopeful that Neiman will soon join the other horses again at one of four feed stations in the forest, and not need our help anymore.


View a recording of the Neiman on our Facebook page.