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An Oopsie in an Eddie!

An Oopsie in an Eddie!

Managing wild horses is an adventure every single day, but for SRWHMG darter Cindy S, the river got a little too wild this time!

Her kayak flipped over, when the PZP team was trying to cross the river, to find one of the oldest mares, a very important PZP candidate! Cindy had a frightening experience, but was most upset afterwords, because our very expensive CO2 dart projecter had fallen in the water and sank.

All of us are just glad and happy that Cindy was ok, because material things can always be replaced, but Cindy cannot.

When we told some of our local coalition partners at Natural Restorations and OdySea Aquarium, they immediately came to our aid to try and recover our dart projecter!

Ron, the Odysea Dive Safety Officer and Shannon their SeaTrek manager, spent several hours in the deep swirling eddie where Cindy went head under. Unfortunately after many efforts, the dart projecter was not found and everyone went home kindof disappointed.

So we need your help in case anyone finds this very important dark green dart projecter in or along the banks of the lower Salt River. (Daninject is the brand)
While it may look like a rifle, it is not dangerous and it is not loaded. It was wrapped in a black garbage bag, that may or may not still be around it. Please call our hotline if you find it! (480) 868-9301

Our PZP program is very important to the preservation and future of the Salt River wild horses. It is by no means on hold, because we have another projector, but it does make things more difficult.

We want to thank our friends at OdySea Aquarium for jumping to our aid and diving for our treasure! We are very thankful for local coalition partners!
Please thank them on their Facebook page and please share, thank you!

If you’d like to help financially please go to our website and follow the donate link.

Thank you so much. SRWHMG.