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Bruno and Archibald, two wild horses, one of them is on the wrong side of the 4-mile long metal fence (no access to water) and one is on the right side of the fence (the riverside). Bruno could have left his buddy easily, but he did not leave his side and kept encouraging Archibald, who was visibly distraught.
The metal fence has been down since the big flood, but was fixed by the Forest Service on the 24th of January. (Today is the 28th!) We knew it would not be good, if any horses got stuck on the wrong side, because the gate we requested for emergencies, was not approved.

We were monitoring the area closely by placing and watching our gamecams (thank you to our donors for the gamecams!) It had been 4 days for them without water, so time was of the essence. Since yesterday, when they were both stuck on the wrong side of the fence, somehow Bruno had maneuvered himself through the people gate, which is very clever. But Archibald couldn’t figure that out, and so they walked along the fenceline together searching for other openings, but there are none. Archibald would have suffered a slow, agonizing death from dehydration eventually.

So thank you to our amazing volunteer force! We were out all last night and all morning and afternoon, going literally the extra mile for the horses. Once we found them, we had to take the swinging gate off of the people gate, and Archibald walked right through. It’s just another episode in our lives with the horses, or otherwise dubbed: “As the River Flows”.

The way these buddies stuck by each other was amazing to witness, and is just more evidence of how wild horses form deep connections. They have real love, honest concern, and unwavering loyalty to each other!!

Thank you everyone! Please don’t forget to like and support the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group. 👍 SRWHMG.