Neiman’s stuck in a cattleguard.

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Neiman’s stuck in a cattleguard.

Neiman’s stuck in a cattleguard.

March 16th

To the visiting public at Pebble Beach recreation site: Neiman, a precious Salt River wild stallion is stuck in the cattleguard at this very moment. We are working hard to free him from this very dangerous predicament.

Some people will be stuck in the recreation area and we apologize for this inconvenience, but please be patient and please keep far away from where MCSO and SRWHMG and AZDA are working to free him, because he can break his own legs, the more upset he gets with more public around. Our veterinarian is there to sedate him and as soon as he is less active we can go to work to pry his feet out.

Thank you so much for your understanding! We will keep you updated. SRWHMG.


1 hour later…

Neiman is out of the cattleguard! He was so stuck that the cattleguard had to be completely cut. He has some serious injuries but his bones appear to be intact which is thanks to the quick actions of MCSO AZDA and our SRWHMG veteranarian Jen, who was on-site within 10 minutes. We also have Dr Holden on site who is stitching him up at this very moment. We are taking him to our facility right after that.

THIS is why we love our community, our authorities and our Forest Service. (Our Forest Service placed the call for help.) THIS is how you treat wild horses. Yes, the Salt River wild horses were deemed “stray livestock” very much like the Alpine wild horses, at one time, but that’s old history now. (See our sad press release about the Alpine wild horses who are in danger please)

We cannot thank our local MCSO, our AZDA and our Forest Service enough. We also want to thank the firedepartment who showed up to cut the cattleguard. And we cannot stress enough that these animals are cherished and loved and that they are worth it.

In addition, MCDOT has installed a trial structure in front of the cattle guard at Phon D, which we think is working really well to deter the horses from it, so we are pretty sure they will be willing to do the same for the rest of our cattleguards. Like we said, all authorities in this area work together.

Thank you, SRWHMG.