The Goldfield Fire: Prelude

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The Goldfield Fire: Prelude

The Goldfield Fire: Prelude

August 10th @ 4PM

Immediate danger to our rescued horses has passed! The evacuation was called off by state fire department! Fjew! We had half of the rescues in trailers already, but we are bringing them back so that they can all stay together, they freak out without each other, just like wild horses do. We also do not have an evacuation place where they can stay all together, they would all be going to different places.

We are staying in emergency mode and we have 3 horse trailers available: 1 of our own one from MCSO and one from AZDA. AZDA is at our property helping to manage this emergency also. The Forest Service is right on top of this fire with the slurry tanker, and the State fire department is doing an amazing job keeping this freakishly dangerous fire away from all structures. There is not enough praise in the world for these departments and the Forest Service and the hotshots.

There are currently also 4 wild horses in close proximity to our property and we are keeping them safe by luring them to the safe side, away from the fire. There are no wild horses in the path of the fire as far as we know right now, they are all at the river. Please do not call our hotline to ask about them, we will keep you informed here.

Here is what we could actually use, if anyone wants to help:

  • Two more safe enclosed trailers or stock trailers that will be allowed to stay at our property overnight and possibly throughout this week. Bumper pulls only. (A donated emergency horsetrailer would be even better, because it is hard to get horse trailers to the property when the roads are closed!)
  • If anyone has a safe large pasture entirely horse safe enclosed that 13 horses can fit in together with some shade, please do let us know since that would be preferable.

IF you can help, with either one of those things, please do call our hotline: (480) 868 9301. For anything else, please do keep our hotline available for emergency calls only. We want to thank you all for your good vibes and prayers, because they do help!!

Thank you so much! SRWHMG.