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Update to #bringthemhome

Update to #bringthemhome

The traveling herd consists of 4 different bands that all like to hang out in each others proximity for safety. There are two foals; one 4 week old and a tiny one week old, both are girls.

The first day on the other side of Bush Highway was confusing for them, (they have lived at Butcher Jones for 5 years) but they are now doing very well knowing that they have a water station every night.

Our strategy is moving them from water station to water station, until they get through the opening in the long fenceline that is stopping them from getting to the river. (We cannot push them until they have safely gotten through the fenceline) We have traveled 1 and a half miles so far! We do not believe that anyone has ever tried relocating a herd of wild horses on foot before and it is very experimental, but working!
It takes lots of patience and lots and lots of water hauling!

Yesterday we did a fundraiser for additional watertanks and we purchased those!! What would we do without you, our faithful Facebook supporters? We also purchased a 2500 gallon huge storage tank that will save a lot of water runs. The herd of 40 horses and 2 foals is drinking 600 gallons per day.

We are still looking for places that will let us fill our water trailers for free! (Our well pump is not operational yet)

Please enjoy this video and we will keep you updated!

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