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May 18th


This doggie just got caught (with a loop) and is safe! Thank you so much to HARTT volunteers and our own volunteers who worked patiently in the dark and did not give up!

To the woman who just dumped this cutie, he loved you, he trusted you, and he is still looking for you everywhere. Sadly you were never worthy of his unconditional love. We hope you never get an animal ever again. They are not temporary. They are not trash. There are 1001 ways to find them a better home if you really need to. You do not dump them in the Tonto National Forest where he would either be hit by a car, eaten alive by coyotes or slowly starve to death. Which one of those options would you have preferred for him?

We just wish people would not be so cruel.

Original post:

To the woman who just left this little doggie at pickle park: You were seen shaking a towel at your dog so you could leave him in the TNF and drive away from him. Your doggie watched you leave and tried to run after you. He is now darting in and out of traffic, which is putting peoples lives in danger. Some good people (our volunteers) are now trying to save him. But he will not come to anyone, because he’s crying looking for you. You are the only one who can now save your dogs life. He loves you, he trusts you. You need to come back and help catch him, and we will find someone in about 5 minutes who can give this cutie a good home. Come back and we will not expose who you are. Come back to save his life because he will not make it.

Well, never mind, we took care of it and he is safe.

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