Why did the horse cross the road? 🐴🐴🐴

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Why did the horse cross the road? 🐴🐴🐴

Why did the horse cross the road? 🐴🐴🐴

December 23rd

🐴🐴🐴Following the Salt River wild horses and keeping a huge log of comments and locations, it is easy for us to look several years back and compare. It is interesting how migrating patterns remain the same year after year, for each different season plus for each different band.

They all have their favorite hangouts, or home territories. Even with 4 feed stations in full swing, they stay true to their habits and seasonal migrations, that is why we have established a feed station in every quadrant of their habitat.

This horse crossing connects the East side to the West side of their habitat. The horses know exactly where they are going and as you can see, they are not always in a hurry. : )

This is the only horse crossing left in the Tonto National Forest, it is on Goldfield road where the speed limit is 25 and our volunteers monitor this crossing for the horses’ safety. They also log which band crosses and at what time.

We want to thank our loyal road patrol volunteers, who even during the holidays drive up and down Bush Hwy with no destination at all, but with a definate mission.

Please close every gate you enter on Bush Hwy, and please heed your speed and watch for wild horses. And BEWARE, they may not always be in a hurry! SRWHMG.

Check the video here!